Benjamin Franklin: "If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail."

We, at SCPlanner, have been looking for an ultimate tool to manage, schedule and control the reposts of our network.
However, we were not able to find a good SoundCloud Scheduler online, so we decided to create SCPlanner.
It's a beautifully put together SoundCloud repost planner that integrates everything you need to get the most out of your reposts and really master your game.

One SoundCloud profile to rule them all
You can link all your SoundCloud profiles in ONE PLACE, and start scheduling all the reposts you want. You can schedule tracks to repost now, tomorrow, in one week or in a month, from one of your account or for every of them.

The advantages?
No more logging in and out. No more bulk repost waves. And no more CAPTCHAS.



SCPlanner has changed my life! This software has streamlined my work flow in such a way that frees up time to focus on growing my business. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.

Trap and Bass

SCPlanner has helped maximize and organize our efficiency with reposts. It's a tool I've come to utilize every single day.

Otodayo Records

It's the most powerful soundcloud tool we ever used, definitely a game changer and time saver for a label like Otodayo Records.

Electrostep Network

SCPlanner has changed my life. Best app for Soundcloud since the follow to download gates.


SCPlanner has helped with being able to easily repost from multiple channels, saving us the headache of having to log in & out of multiple accounts! Its a game changer 100%.


Without the help of the planner, Trapstyle wouldn't even come close to being as efficient as we are at promoting music.

Space Race

Between running a label, and focusing on our own music, SCPlanner has helped organize our reposts and has helped us to become more efficient.

MMXV Artist Collective

SCPlanner has made promoting music simple and easy. Their settings allow you to schedule with ease. It's a tool we utilize daily.


As a big network, SCplanner makes our work easier and saves hours of time. Extraordinary!


The planner helps you get right to the point, cutting down on time and confusion, so you can promote with ease, without it effecting the way you maneuver about the internet! 10/10! LIFE-CHANGING!

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